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We’re a motley crew of storytellers, engineers, and designers amplifying Asian voices through visual stories.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a diamond in the rough, be a part of our adventure!

Working with us

At Kontinentalist, we’re an all-hands-on-deck crew. No ego is too big to lend a hand, and no obstacle is insurmountable if we band together.

That said, we’re not looking for just another pairs of hands. Bring your own quirks, passions, and ideas on board! We believe that only through diversity can we dream of new worlds and tell better stories. If you’re a scrappy self-starter with a stomach for bad puns, we want you.

Diversity. Openness.
Collaboration. Growth.

We're all about cultural context, diversity, and collaboration here at Kontinentalist. Our approach to data storytelling creates innovative, rigorous stories that help Asia's voices get heard.

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Open roles

We have no open jobs at the moment—but we're always keen to hear from talented people with something unique to add to our cause.

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