Pitch us!

Asia is too big and diverse for any one team to cover. If you have a story idea about our region backed by data, go ahead and pitch us!

Pitching your story

Things to consider in your pitch

Your story has an Asian angle.

Does it challenge existing assumptions about Asia or highlight aspects of Asia beyond the tourist gaze? More fundamentally, is your story about Asia? In a mediascape saturated with Western thinkpieces and reporting, even the act of writing about Asia can be radical.

Data is central to your story, not just an afterthought.

Does your story use data to explain, debunk, or add nuance to a topic?

Your story plan uses visual elements meaningfully.

Infographics, data visualisations, photographs, and other visual elements must not be superficial. They should simplify, encourage interactions, or add emotional depth.

Your story should have longevity.

We're not competing with newsrooms for breaking news; this frees us to publish evergreen pieces in topics that align with causes we care about.

We understand that data storytelling is a niche medium, so if you have a story idea that you’re not sure how to convert into a data story, pitch it to us anyway!

What to send

Your name

Your email

Elevator pitch

Tell us your story idea in one sentence.

What's the Asian angle?

Data source

Please provide a link to the database, or if you’re collecting the data yourself, elaborate on your methodology.

What support do you need

Coding, design, editorial, photography, etc.

Duration of availability

Link to previous work (if any)

How to pitch

Send an email with the information above to


To expedite the process, be as detailed as possible in your pitch. You can expect to hear from us soon!