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Pei Ying Loh / Head and Co-Founder

Pei Ying wears many hats in Kontinentalist. She leads the company in achieving its overall business and editorial goals, making strategic business development plans, and managing partnerships. Her background and passion for history is the driving force behind many of her stories, which delve into cultural and historical contexts. In her free time, she is likely tending to her veggie garden, cooking, or cuddling her two fat cats.

Kenneth Wee / Editor and Content Strategist

Kenneth handles content strategy and editorial at Kontinentalist. In his free time, he makes coffee, cooks, skateboards, and chases curious ideas.

Isabella Chua / Senior Writer

Isabella loves to dig beyond what is ‘commonsensical’ or ‘natural’ to us, by looking at the larger forces (or even accidents), that may have structured these beliefs. A writer at Kontinentalist, she's particularly interested in social issues—religion, crime, identity, and food. While she strives to stay curious about the world by listening to podcasts and taking classes, she's happiest when eating pastries, cakes, and drinking tea.


Mick Yang / Partnerships Executive

Mick graduated with a BA in Law (First Class) from Oxford University. He oversees Kontinentalist’s network of strategic partners and outreach operations, in pursuit of unleashing data's potential for good in Asia. Besides lending his time to social justice research and advocacy, he loves surprising people, good journalism, and dreams of cycling around with his own dog one day.

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AWARE / Partnership

AWARE is a leading women’s rights and gender equality group in Singapore. Dedicated to identifying and removing gender-based barriers through research, advocacy, education, training, and support services, AWARE has effectively advocated for legal, policy, and mindset change on gender issues over the past 35 years.

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