Deepavali Sweet Surprise

by Isabella Chua

Learn about what goes into the making and preparation of beloved Deepavali snacks and sweets through this comic of an Indian family in Singapore, done in collaboration with the Indian Heritage Centre (IHC).

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In collaboration with
Indian Heritage Centre / Partnership

The Indian Heritage Centre (IHC), a heritage institution managed by the National Heritage Board (NHB), traces the history of the South Asian community in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Launched on 7 May 2015 (in conjunction with Singapore’s 50th anniversary celebrations) by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the IHC is a focal point for the Indian community, and a platform to learn more about the diverse Indian heritage in Singapore.

Located in the heart of Little India, IHC also serves as a springboard for visitors to explore the historic precinct. The Centre is housed in a brand-new four-storey building, comprising permanent galleries featuring five themes, a special exhibition gallery, educational and activity spaces, as well as other facilities. For more information, please visit

Data and insights / Suraen Ramadass, Indian Heritage Centre
Design / Munirah Mansoor and Amirah Kamis
Fact-checking / Indian Heritage Centre and Adhithi Muruganandam
Illustration / Munirah Mansoor, Amirah Kamis, and Griselda Gabriele
Photo credits / Indian Heritage Centre and Stanley Chee
Story / Isabella Chua
Sound recordings / Indian Heritage Centre
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