Chagos Islands

The last British colonial obsession?

by Kathy Xu

The remote Chagos islands situated in the Indian Ocean, has been a British colony under Africa, since 1786. Also known as the Chagos Archipelago, it comprises seven atolls and 60 islands in total, clustered 1,600 kilometres south of the southern coast of India.

Where and what are the Chagos Islands?

Map of the Chagos Archipelago or Chagos Islands. 

Diego Garcia and UK–US relations

Map of Diego Garcia, an atoll among the Chagos Islands.  

The Nordvaer ship that the Chagossians were transported in

The plight of the displaced islanders
Support for Mauritius' claims on Chagos Islands
Final decisions?
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Illustration / Griselda Gabriele
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