What’s the big deal about chilli in Asia?

by Mick Yang

Take a moment and imagine eating something “spicy”. Chances are you’ll think of an Asian cuisine. After all, Asia regularly dominates “top spicy cuisines” listicles. But why—and how—does Asia do spicy food?

“Spicy” food and “hot” food: Are they the same thing?

Scoville scale of commonly used chillies in Asia together with some of the mildest and hottest chilli peppers.

Where are chillies from? The humble origins of a sleeper hit
Why are we so hot for chillies?
Global appeal, Asian methods
The anatomy of a chilli sauce: How do we use chillies with other ingredients?
Common principles, diverse translations
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Code / Bianchi Dy
Illustration / Griselda Gabriele
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