China and the US

Who will win the battle for dominance in the Pacific?

by Han Shih Lee

After Huawei and soybean, US and China are gearing up for the next battle—a land grab in West and South Pacific. What lies ahead for the Pacific Island countries and how will this change the geopolitical balance in the region?

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Lee Han Shih / Director

Lee Han Shih is the founder of the Potato group, a collection of companies based in Singapore engaged in education, map-based narration, third-world education through digital means, medical technology products, building a translation platform between ASEAN and the major languages and urban farming. He was a teacher, a civil servant and a long-time correspondent with the Business Times before throwing caution to the wind to start the Potato companies. He is 68, speaks both Chinese and English fluently and is able to curse in a few more languages. He is also a director of the Lee Foundation, which was founded by his grandfather. Note: Potato Productions and the Lee Foundation are not affiliated.

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