Questions about climate change

What goes on in Singapore’s Parliament?

by SG Greenies

Last year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong acknowledged that Singapore must do our part against climate change, which he called “one of the gravest challenges facing humankind”.

So, how has Singapore done so far?

What have our politicians done about climate change, and is it enough?
Who speaks for the climate?
Climate change is a whole-of-government problem
How a question is asked makes a difference
How can we learn more about climate change policy in Singapore?
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SG Greenies / Partnership

This article is a joint effort by various youths involved in climate and environmental activism in Singapore, dubbed “greenies” by the Straits Times. Kate Yeo (@byobottlesg) and Woo Qiyun (@theweirdandwild) operate social media accounts that discuss climate issues. Sammie Ng is part of Speak for Climate, which is currently collaborating with SG Climate Rally on Greenwatch for the upcoming 2020 General Elections. Shawn Ang and Clifford Lok are fellow environmentalists keen on tackling climate-related issues.

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