East vs. West

The truth about the shark trade

by Naomi Clark-Shen

In the early 2000s, viral videos of finless—but breathing—sharks being thrown into the water created hysteria and shone the spotlight on shark fin soup. But recently, the West has been caught red handed: revelations that they eat shark meat have left the East feeling victimised for shouldering the bad publicity alone.

People are now asking: what is the truth behind the shark trade, and has the focus on Asia masked what is really going on?

Who catches the most shark?
Meat vs. Fins
The graphs show three main things:
Why has meat increased in volume and value?
Who else is involved?
So where does the responsibility lie?

An infographic that shows how changes in favour of sustainability can be made at each of the three stages of shark fishing: protecting threatened species from being fished, imposing catch limits for fished species, and developing traceability in supply chains so only legal products are sold.

So what next?
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Infographics / Joceline Kuswanto
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