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How has Singapore responded to COVID-19?

This story was first published on February 18, 2020

Author’s update (7 April 2020): It’s been slightly over a month since we started this story to track the connections among all of Singapore’s COVID-19 cases. On April 1, Singapore's cases went past the 1,000 mark. Just a few days later, the country saw it’s highest single-day spike at 120 new cases. It’s at this point that we’re unable to continue updating this story sufficiently and fully, as there is less information provided on individual cases by the Ministry of Health.

Moving forward, we will continue to keep a close eye on the situation. Stay tuned for more stories about the coronavirus and its impacts.


As the coronavirus threat sweeps through Asia, countries have scrambled to respond. Within and outside its shores, there’s been discussion over how Singapore—a densely packed city-state and major aviation hub—has handled the crisis compared to its peers.

The Singapore government has received considerable praise in global media for its response, especially for mobilising various ministries against the virus. Still, some find its response as a country lacking; too slow to contain the virus, too quick to raise the DORSCON level to orange.

We compiled a timeline of responses and events around the virus outbreak to get some understanding on how the country—its government and people alike—has responded during this trying time.

Each circle represents a response.

Click the legend to show more events

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This story is the first part of a series on COVID-19 in Singapore. The second story is “How are Singapore’s COVID-19 cases related?”

Story by Loh Peiying, Kenneth Wee, Gwyneth Cheng
Code by
Siti Aishah
Design by Joceline Kuswanto, Griselda Gabriele


We gathered the news on COVID-19 from The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, the Ministry of Health (Singapore), BNO news, and Futurism.

For local government’s responses, we only included all announcements made during official press releases or press conferences. Ministerial speculations or replies to questions from the press were not considered clear responsive actions and thus were not taken into account.


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