The role of China in gaming industry regulations

by Kathy Xu

The horror game Devotion, released in early 2019 and created by Taiwanese indie game developers Red Candle Games, was a subject of controversy for including a meme that made fun of China’s Xi Jinping as one of the game’s Easter eggs. This led to the game being banned in China and from the global digital game distribution platform, Steam. This was in spite of the reference being removed from an updated version of the game. What does it mean for game developers if games are banned in China? How has China’s role in the gaming industry evolved?

How does China and Tencent fit into the gaming industry?
What is being regulated in China?
Why the need to regulate?
Are South Korea and Japan regulating entry of games too?
How does all this affect regional game markets?
What does all this mean for the gaming industry at large?
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Infographics / Joceline Kuswanto
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