Always in Best Spirits

How Asia brews some of the most popular alcohol beverages

by Liani MK

The Asian flush is a dreaded nemesis of drinkers in our region.  Slipping into the night for booze, many find the blotchy red patches on their faces nothing short of flustering. Research even shows that a majority of East Asians take a longer time to process alcohol’s harmful by-product acetaldehyde—which causes the flush.

But are Asians and alcohol really estranged?

One grain to rule them all—Rice
Alcohol Varieties in Asia
Asia’s Rise in the Alcohol Industry
Raising a Glass to Asia’s Liquor: What is the future like?
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Liani MK / Freelance Writer

Liani is a freelance writer/scriptwriter whose works span areas of culture, history and language. When she is not wrestling with words, she enjoys wandering into nature, and the equally hypnotic worlds of art, film, gamelan and capoeira.

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