Growing our own

The role we play in ensuring Singapore’s food resilience

by Gwyneth Cheng

When it comes to food, Singaporeans know their stuff. From must-trys to cheapest finds, we know exactly where to get our favourite dishes around the island. But ask an average person on the street if they know where the ingredients in their laksa came from and they’d hesitate to answer. After all, when food appears on our tables as long as we pay for it, why would that be a consideration?

Local government efforts: Agri-tech and urban agriculture
Local government efforts: Involving citizens
Community efforts: Green thumbs and hard work

The staff at Edible Garden City.

Participants at the Edible Garden workshop organised by Edible Garden City.

The growth of home gardening

Mr Tang, Soil Companion at Foodscape Collective.

Sustainability: A different way to food security
Changing the way we eat
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In collaboration with
Foodscape Collective / Partnership

Foodscape Collective is an ecosystem of individuals, communities, and enterprises. We are guided by our mission for a fair and circular food system for all. Through our focus on community-building, education, well-being, and research, we co-create regenerative practices that are nourishing for the self, community, society, and the planet.

Edible Garden City / Partnership

Edible Garden City is a social enterprise that is dedicated to creating social change through community-centric agriculture. We are a diverse group of local farmers, with the common goal of helping cities become more self-sufficient. We believe that growing our own food connects us with nature and cultivates a sense of community.

Through edible landscaping or foodscaping, we have activated under-utilised areas into green community spaces. Our closed-loop farming model produces fresh, tasty, and nutritious herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Additionally, we teach and support fellow farmers and gardeners, hire from marginalised communities, and employ therapeutic horticulture. We are committed to finding a sustainable solution to managing food waste and achieving greater food resilience in Singapore.

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