Boys' Love

Asia’s nod to gay relationships?

by Gwyneth Cheng

Back at the start of 2020, a Boys' Love drama became a cult hit in Southeast Asia.

Poster for 2gether: The Series. Source: MoviePosterDB

Boys’ Love: 2gether’s main genre
How popular is BL, exactly?
But does this popularity mean progress?
The main places where BL is produced aren’t necessarily more accepting of gay people
BL itself was created by women, for women
But hold on—don’t write BL off just yet!

BL dramas naturally have a wider reach than their written counterparts and, with a bigger audience and more sensitive portrayals of same-sex relationships, people will talk about and come to accept this more.

Speak up; it’s a whole new world
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Illustrations / Griselda Gabriele
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