What’s killing the sharks of the Persian Gulf?

by Kathy Xu

What comes to mind when thinking about Iran or the Middle East? War-torn? Deserts? Oil? Islamic state? Persian carpets? Perhaps the Iraq-Iran War?

Sharks are most likely not among your first thoughts. Yet, sharks can be commonly spotted along the waters of the Persian Gulf—or at least they used to be. Sandwiched between Iraq and on the west border, and Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan in the east, Iran is blessed with the deep waters of the Caspian Sea to the north, and the Persian Gulf down south.

Sharks in the Persian Gulf?

Map of Iran and water bodies around it

The different characteristics of the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea

What type of sharks can be found in the Persian Gulf?

The different types of sharks in the Persian Gulf

Have Iranian coast sharks been dangerous to humans?

A illustration of the shark from Jaws, the movie

A breakdown of sharks related attacks in 2017

Who are catching the sharks? How, and why?
How does the Middle East weigh up with the rest of the world in marine protection?
But so what?
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Illustration / Adeline Kuswanto
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