Money flows:

Who's investing in Laos, and what problems do they present?

by Pei Ying Loh & Zenn Wong

A nation disadvantaged by geography, Laos has turned to intense infrastructural development and foreign direct investments to accelerate economic growth. As the landlocked nation opens its doors to foreign money, who is it inviting, and what troubles lay ahead?

Souce: World Bank

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How costly is foreign-invested infrastructure in Laos?
Where are these projects located in Laos?
The railway is not the only significant infrastructural development in Laos funded by foreign investment.
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What types of infrastructure are being developed in Laos with foreign investment?
How much do these cost?
Who’s involved in these projects?
From where does the money flow?
What do these investments mean for the people of Laos?
The indelible mark of hydropower development
Precarious debt
What challenges are present?
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