The age of smart cities

How does Asia fare?

by Gwyneth Cheng

Let’s face it—today’s urban lifestyles are unsustainable. We simply consume and dump more resources than our planet can replenish. While Asia’s smart cities promise to solve some sustainability issues and make urban environments more liveable, the most successful are also often the wealthiest, leaving most of Asia’s urban poor to their own devices.

Will Asia’s cities get the hang of going smart?

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The Earth cannot support cities much longer.
Singapore’s NEWater: A model example

The NEWater Visitor Centre. Source: Public Utilities Board (PUB)

But are smart cities an elite luxury?

An electric car on the streets of Yokohama, Japan. Source: Smart Cities World

A learning curve for Asia

The Songdo International Business District. Source: Wikimedia Commons

ASEAN’s turn to smart cities
Equal healthcare access for all

Urban slums in Makassar, Indonesia. Source: Shutterstock

Environmental conservation for disaster protection
Smart cities as Asia’s future
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