A rising star

Why does Asia glow so brightly?

by Gwyneth Cheng

If you’ve ever gotten the chance to look out of an airplane window at night, you might have witnessed a vast landscape of glowing lights. A portrait of the tiny, interconnected lives that reside on the planet below, the sight is beautiful enough to inspire childlike awe.

Earth at night. Source: NASA Earth Observatory

But Asia isn’t even that bright compared to the rest of the world...
Okay, that sounds bad... but why should we care?
Human beings aren’t let off the hook, either
What has Asia been doing, and what else can we do?

Directing light downwards to specific targets prevents over-illuminating the night sky and helps urban planners find out where too many lights are focused onto certain areas.

We can help reduce light pollution, too.
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Illustration / Munirah Mansoor
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